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The most important ingredient in every human’s food is Paneer. Paneer is one the most staple across each north Indian home & restaurant. Paneer & cheese is one of the versatile food for every human being.

It contains essential nutrients such as calcium & protein. Did you ever realize that according to USDA information around 100gm of paneer consists of 11gm of paneer? Paneer has countless reasons for being a healthy diet source.

Other than the high health benefits there are many incalculable explanations behind this vegan charm. Every tidbit ranging from mains to desserts or sweets only produced from paneer. Besides having dishes such as tasty paneer tikka, paneer pakoda (during tea- break ), or sweet & spicy butter paneer we have different Indian styles ( cuisines ) from which can easily make a choice. 

Indian Paneer Recipes

 Try 7  Classic Indian Paneer Recipes – Your No.1 Popular Indian Recipes


indian paneer recipes The most well-known dish, Paneer Tikka constitutes gloats of smoky paneer in the form of pieces topped with various flavors such as garam masala, red chili, carom seeds,  dried clove ( fenugreek ), and jeera powder ( also called cumin powder ) along with yogurt. Paneer Makhani   very wonderful recipe, it is a dish specially made during Navratri. Paneer pieces are prepared by adding them to the tomato’s fun gravy.


Always velvety & Oily – The Delicious Paneer Makhani. Have you ever taste this creamy paneer makhani? Paneer makhani is an Indian special curry that is always served with crunchy onion, tomatoes threw in paneer lumps & special flavors. This recipe is always served with special roti & rice.


indian paneer recipes

Shahi paneer, the most common recipe at all parties and on different occasions. It is rich, tasty & creamy. Shahi Paneer, always a ruler of evening gatherings. It is a popular dish across the country as well as abroad. Shahi Paneer is a fan-based dish by all the nation.


indian paneer recipes

 Recipe Paneer Bhurji is really a genuine group pleaser. Bhurji is not only a dinner dish but also a high protein breakfast. Desi kinds of tomatoes, dried fenugreek, and cashew nuts alongside disintegrated, minced paneer make for an ideal treat.


indian paneer recipes

This velvety dish made of maida, paneer, and a ton of malai has our heart! Delectable, velvety, and daintily spiced, the stuffed paneer dumplings in the dish are the feature.


indian paneer recipes

A trace of dark pepper makes certain to make any dish a bit higher! This dum paneer delicacy paneer lumps delicious velvety sauce, gentle flavors. And dark pepper great joy when presented with rice or roti. indian paneer recipes


indian paneer recipes


Most loved chai-backup ever, exemplary paneer pakoras are a staple nibble across numerous Indian homes. Paneer blocks dunked in a fiery besan hitter, broiled until brilliant earthy colored is maybe one of the least demanding, fastest, most delectable tidbits to plan at home. Pair with tempting mint chutney! indian paneer recipes

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