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Hi, Friends, How Are You All? Today I Am Revealing the Secret Of Making the Best, Easy & Perfect mint sauce Recipe, It’s Easy & Summer mint sauce Special Recipe For All The Viewers…..Please Try To Make And Share this Recipe Whether You Are Looking to Make the mint sauce to dip on Dishes to eat samosas, to eat along with roti & rice or spread on dishes like vada pav, dosas……. I have got you covered, here pudina chutney is can be used on all dishes in the summer season. (Mint Benefits: definitely use peppermint in summer,)

In this season, cucumber, mint, raw mango, and coriander leaves are the most available. There is also a chance and in the heat of the day these days, Mint Coffee Recipe, HomeMade Mint Coffee Recipe make your family and feed them with peppermint-flavored mint . 

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No matter how much food is available in the summer season, everything remains incomplete without a spicy sauce. Dinner or dinner, unless there is salad and chutney in the food, it cannot happen. Because the summer season is so special. In this season, cucumber, Mint Kiwi Lemon Recipe Drink mint, raw mango, and coriander leaves are the most available. There is also a chance and in the heat of the day these days, make your family and feed them with a spicy flavored mint sauce. After eating this chutney, you will be more relaxed than it will give cold to the body, so let us know the method of making this chutney and its benefits.

Mint sauce Material :

  • 1 cup mint leaves,
  • Green chili as per taste,
  • Curd 3-4 tbsp,
  • Cumin half teaspoon,
  • Black salt and salt as per taste.

Mint sauce Method :

  • First of all, wash the mint leaves and wash them.
  • After this, mix all the ingredients and mint leaves and grind them finely in the mixer.
  • If you wish, you can also use raw mango or carry in place of curd in this chutney.
  • You can make this chutney as per your convenience or thicker.

Benefits of Mint sauce:

  • This chutney will increase the taste of your food as well and mint chutney will also be beneficial for heart, stomach, skin problems.
  • If you are beneficial in intestinal problems, delivery time, fever, and diarrhea.
  • It will give many other benefits related to health as well.

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